Are You Eligible?

1. ENLS can only assist Essex County residents, some non-residents who have a case in the Superior Court, Essex County may also be assisted.​​

2. Person must be seeking assistance with a civil matter.

NOTE: ENLS does not handle criminal cases.

3. ENLS' guidelines limit service to households with gross income at or below 200% of the Federal poverty guidelines. 


4. People age 60 or older and who are frail or vulnerable may be eligible even if their income exceeds 200% of poverty guidelines.

5. Assets are property owned by the person applying for legal help. The presence of certain assets can disqualify a person from eligibility. 

6. Proof of citizenship or lawful immigration status must be provided; and 

7. The case or matter for which you seek assistance must be within program priorities. For cases not within priorities, ENLS will try to provide information about other agencies that may assist you.